How to replace lost teeth?


Guide to prosthetic replacement

Today’s people are very focused on aesthetics, and beautiful teeth are key to a beautiful face look. Dentistry today, besides the function, has to meet very high criteria of aesthetics. By touching the teeth, it is important to disrupt the harmony of the whole person. Therefore, patients tend to replace the lost front tooth immediately, while the teeth in the back segment always “have time.” It is a fact that the loss of any teeth causes the function of the mouth in the mouth. The loss of the tooth loss, apart from aesthetic aesthetics, also leads to difficult food deprivation and the loss of the tooth to the worse chewing of food. For people who are missing multiple back teeth, they are not properly chewed, and they “chew” the front teeth. The front teeth have graceful roots and are not intended for the chewing function, and after some time they break and move forward. In addition, because of this unnatural mode of chewing, the chewing muscles and jaw joint suffer, leading to changes in the joints and joint pains. Tooth loss also affects the adjacent teeth and teeth in the opposite jaw, which is consequently inclined or elevated. At the site of the lost tooth there is a slow bone breakdown, and the removal of the gum from the adjacent teeth.